Shared Yachts And Fractional Ownership 

It is disappointing that there are not more yachts available for co-ownership. Most of the buyers that I have dealt with have wanted to use a yacht for the sole enjoyment of their family and friends or to charter it out to others as a way of bringing in some or most of the ownership costs, and yet few owners use their yachts for much more than a month a year.

Having a share in a yacht instead of owning a whole one probably allows access to a larger sized yacht than might otherwise be affordable. For yachts visiting the Caribbean or venturing further afield, I would have thought that shared ownership, and expenses, in a pool of yachts would be a great way to visit destinations that might be out of the way without having to move your own yacht at great expense.

The season in the Mediterranean can be very pleasant from May and can go through to the end of October with a few yacht owners enjoying their boats throughout the year whenever they can. That actually provides a lot of available weeks for joint owners. It may be that two or three owners are sufficient as more may be stretching the real possibilities of the yacht, calendar and crew. In order to rationalise use and keep track of expenditure, I would suggest that a specialised fractional ownership management company should be used.