Questions & Answers

Can You Help Me Buy A Yacht?

You may be a first time buyer looking for some friendly and honest advice or a regular charterer who has decided to buy a yacht having tried many out

What Can I Do With A Superyacht?

If you look at any large marina or yacht club, you will probably see a collection of seemingly very different yachts

How Wealthy Do I Need To Be?

It generally costs more than you had expected, but it is normally, absolutely worthwhile

How Much Does A Yacht Cost to Run?

Owning a yacht is like tearing up 100 dollar bills under the shower

To Charter Or Not To Charter?

Almost every yacht buyer that I have dealt with has considered whether to charter their yacht to others 

Shared And Fractional Ownership 

It is disappointing that there are not more yachts available for co-ownership

Crew Matters

If you pay peanuts you’ll only get monkeys. The grass is not always greener

The Berthing Issue

Renting or leasing a berth for the short, medium or long term is normally a matter of supply and demand

What Is My Yacht Worth?

The purchase price of a yacht and associated initial expense are your entry ticket to ownership

I Want To Sell My Yacht. What Next?

As a yacht owner you have choices as to how you go about selling your yacht


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