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Hamilton Marine International provides the very best insight, brokerage and new construction expertise while offering an exclusive service based on trust and transparency.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced owner, Jonathan and David can offer expert advice on the ownership journey and yachting in innovative and alternative ways.

The ownership journey begins with the purchase or new construction order of a yacht, and a new owner may need a little more help than just being recommended to a captain and most likely to a management company. Building and owning a yacht should be one of life’s greatest joys, but it can also be quite a complex and time consuming experience so it is best to have some trusted guidance along the way, and someone you can call upon that understands yachting from many angles and knows the industry well. Especially if this is your first step into yachting.  

Time is probably your most valuable commodity and if you have decided to spend part of it on board a superyacht, you expect to get the best value for money and ensure the minimum number of setbacks. It is important to have a good crew but keeping them motivated and loyal, and focused on looking after your asset in the best possible way can sometimes be challenging. Crew can make your life aboard immensely pleasurable and are often regarded as being as important as the yacht itself, especially on charter yachts, but they can also be a cause of great frustration. Finding the right balance between crew needs and owners’ expectations is part of the success of long-term ownership.  

There is an ever-increasing amount of technical and regulatory requirements that crew, and industry professionals must be aware of regarding flagging and registration, certification and manning compliance, insurance, tax and VAT planning when building, chartering, buying or selling yacht. Industry professionals and legal experts may need to be called upon to ensure that smooth and efficient operation of a yacht can be guarantee in different cruising areas or countries to be visited.  

A yacht needs to be regularly and systematically serviced and maintained. It will have to be painted from time to time and be refitted, repaired, upgraded and be well looked after over the years in order to maintain its safety and regulatory requirements, to be reliable and looking fresh. A world-wide dedicated industry with shipyards and refit facilities, large and small companies, regulatory bodies and many individual tradesmen and women are involved in the process. Of course, some are better and more experienced than others, and prices can vary a lot between what may seem to be the same job. Warranty and class issues are another area where due care and consideration need to be taken.  

Hamilton Marine International offers private and personalised yachting consultancy services, guidance and advice to novice and experienced buyers and sellers of yachts, industry professionals as well as companies and institutions on a wide range of issues. We can represent their interests and bring clarity and peace of mind.

Our professional services are charged at an hourly, daily or per-project rate, can be partly or fully commission based, or as mutually agreed with clients. 

“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not” 

James Taylor


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