What Can I Do With A Superyacht?

If you look at any large marina or yacht club, you will probably see a collection of seemingly very different yachts. Classified by size, types, purpose, manufacturing materials and hull shape, propulsion methods, speed, range, value etc., the combinations are almost endless.

The diversity and imagination of yacht designers, shipyards and owners has provided solutions for almost all yachting needs and circumstances. Using the right type of yacht for any given purpose or mission will assure the best possible experience although individual interpretations will differ as to how superyachts can be used and enjoyed. Of course, budget will always remain an important factor in the election and size of a yacht but essentially getting out on the water in safety and comfort should almost always be satisfying and enjoyable.

The good news is that yachting can be rewarding in so many different ways and you will probably find your own special form of enjoying your yacht, whether it is as a family meeting place at some of the world’s hotspots such as the Balearics, Greek Islands, French Riviera, Caribbean etc. which everyone can enjoy at any age, or the use of a large megayacht as a business networking tool, a privacy and freedom oasis, or having a yacht just for the sheer pleasure of being on the sea and at one with nature.

Long distance cruising on explorers or motorsailers to far away and exotic places, quick short trips on fast day boats to popular beaches, participation in superyacht regattas or watching yachting events at sea or ashore such as Formula 1 or the Americas Cup, or island hopping are all valid reasons to enjoy a yacht. There are also other owners who enjoy building or refitting yachts and selling them on more than actually using them. There is something for almost everyone!