Enjoy medium or long-distance cruising while delighting family and friends.

You can still get into most bays and marinas and you do not require shore support.

Many owners progress from smaller boats to much larger ones over time as they learn to enjoy yachting and what they can do with their yachts. Some owners may have experienced yachting via charter or from having a boat in the family and have a good idea about what they need or like. Others may just decide to buy a yacht because their friends have one and may enter the ownership ladder at any size.

Wherever the entry level is, a yacht needs to be fit for purpose and should be very well looked after. Owners and guests need to be kept safe and expect to be treated like royalty while they are on board. After all, many owners may not enjoy their yachts much more than a month per season, but they are paying for the privilege year-round. You can normally accommodate eight to twelve guests on a superyacht with most yachts going for the maximum capacity in order to make them more appealing as charter yachts. 

Owners needs and their required cruising range may grow and there is always that extra cabin, gym, spa, media room or cinema, larger bathing platform or internal docking area that would be great to have on your next boat. You can expect to have room for a good selection of water toys, or they can be rented when needed. The cabins, internal spaces and decks will be quite generous, and designers and shipyards go to tremendous efforts to give you almost everything that you might want to have on board.

At 24 metres / 78 feet load line and above is where yachts are generally thought to become superyachts although many in the industry would argue that nowadays 30 metres / 98 feet would be a more realistic starting point. In my mind, a superyacht becomes a megayacht at around 50 metres / 164 feet or above 500 Gross Tons.

Around 8,700 motor yachts and 1,750 sailing yachts above 24 metres have been built worldwide as of September 2019 with around 250 to 300 new yachts being delivered every year. Most of these are motor yachts, with sailing yachts becoming fewer, the larger they grow.

The selection and types of yachts in this category is vast with full displacement long range and fast or semi-displacement yachts still being popular. Fast cruiser racing sailing yachts are also quite abundant and semi-production building by the most successful shipyards means that waiting times and availability need not be too long. They can be transported as deck cargo between yachting locations as they may often not be able to make transatlantic or long crossings on their own bottoms due to their lack of range or not wanting to increase wear and tear. This is the largest category in yachting.


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